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tatort - die amme

dir / christopher schier

my latest collaboration with director CHRISTOPHER SCHIER and the vienna based production PRISMA FILM. 

The discovery of a dead person in a desolate residential area is reported anonymously in the early hours of the morning. Jana Gruber was overwhelmed and brutally killed in her house. Circumstances suggest that the woman worked as a prostitute and that she had a child. But the nursery is orphaned, there is no trace of the child, a ten-year-old boy. The anonymous caller is identified and, surprisingly, there is an act related to him: Gustav Langer used to often come into conflict with the law and had known the victim - as a suitor - for a longer time. But is he Jana's murderer too? Moritz and Bibi doubt it. Very soon, however, they see similarities between the current case and an unsolved murder some time ago. Investigators are deeply alarmed by the possibility of the existence of a planned serial offender. The commissioners are challenged to the utmost, they investigate to exhaustion against time and a psychopathic murderer.



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